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Wedding at The Inn at Leola Village | Part 1

I have been looking forward to Amanda and Frank’s wedding for over a year now. They are every photographer’s dream clients! No really, they are. Our first meeting took place over Skype (my very first one!) and I knew we were a perfect fit. Thankfully, they thought so too 🙂 Enjoy……


I loved this property! It has such a quaint, romantic feel.
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The blue box! Loved her reaction! You did good Frank 🙂
(And this was his idea, by the way! They didn’t want to see each other before the wedding so he thought they could stand on either side of the huge sliding barn doors)
ShannonConfairPhotography_0234 ShannonConfairPhotography_0235 ShannonConfairPhotography_0236 ShannonConfairPhotography_0237Part 2 will be coming soon…..

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