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Engagement Stories: Pick your favorite! {Central PA Wedding Photographer}

Well the time has finally come to vote for your favorite engagement story! We have six entries, which is great considering this is the first time we’ve had this contest! Here’s the deal- First, stop by our fan pages and “like” us as we will update our fan pages with any information pertaining to the contest:

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Second, please read through each story carefully, choose your favorite one, and cast your vote. Help spread the word by clicking the facebook like button at the bottom of the post. Good luck to all of the amazing couples who entered their story! Voting will last for 10 days, so spread the word!

Couple #1: Alicia and Mike

It was 8:00 on a Sunday morning in December. My fiance Mike wakes me up  to tell me that I have to get up because he has some place he wants to take me. As I am rising from bed, I realize that I have a terrible cold. Feeling horrible Mike tells me it’s important and that I must throw a coat on and get a move on. With my hair a mess I throw on jeans and and  my coat and some uggs and drag myself down stairs and out the door to my car. As we get into the car Mike puts an address into his gps. The only thing that I seemed to notice is that the secret location was 2 hours away. As we were driving I was thinking of all possible locations, such as the beach? The mountain house that he owns?.I was very unsure of what location it could have been. About half way there he says ok, I have to tell you where we are going. We are going horse back riding. Assuming that this was just a surprise because he has known I had wanted to go for a while. I was super excited. Before arriving he made sure to stop at cvs to get me some medicine so I wouldn’t feel so horrible during our little adventure. I thought was so sweet of him to consider me. I still wondered why we couldn’t have just rescheduled? As we finally arrived , there was a beautiful long drive way that took us to a ranch in mountain country. It had mountains and hills and horses. It was Gorgeous. I absolutely loved the small dogs running around and the warm welcoming from the owners. We parked and Mike pulled out all of of my riding gear that he must have snuck in the trunk form the house one night. He didn’t miss a thing that I needed. As I met the owners they tell me to pick out my horse! Of course having riding experience I wanted a challenge so I picked a perky little brown and white pony named twister! I come to find that Mike wasn’t going with me, I was so confused , but understood because he wasn’t a horse fan to begin with. His mom was going to go with me. She met us there by the way if you are confused. Her and I took a beautiful horse ride through the mountains. As we returned several hours later, I see Mike waiting for us out front. Before I get to him I was stopped by the owner whom is an 85 year old man. He asks me How was the engagement! I was like what!!!!!!!! I say to him it didn’t happen yet. I looked away and acted like he never said it! As I continued on my way, with out trying to laugh I arrive at Mike and get off my horse. Mike pulled me aside and asked me! Of course I said yes. He had hot chocolate waiting on a little bench for us, where he was going to propose to begin with. He had overheard the owner ask me, So he told me he knew I knew and wanted to just ask me anyways. Despite the comedy of the story which I love about it, it was so romantic and I will never forget the effort and planning that went into it. It definitely was an unforgettable day.

Couple #2: Bonnie and Charles

My fiance and I always take an annual trip to Disney World every year.  Well this year, we were going around the time of my birthday and also right after I graduated college.  The date that we went was in October of 2010.  The first day that we were down there was the day before my 22nd Birthday.  We had plans to eat at the Cinderella’s Castle inside of the Magic Kingdom.  As soon as we got in and got settled at our table, which was in front of a window with an awesome view, we began to eat dinner.  We got the whole way to dessert and out came what was told to me as a “Special Birthday Dessert.” It was a glass plate with a glass cover over it.  I just thought it was a cake or something for my birthday.  Then we had the whole restaurant count to three so that the server could open it.  Once three hit, it was revealed to me.  It was a glass slipper with roses all around it.  Inside of the slipper was the ring and on the side of the slipper was engraved the words “Will you marry me?”  I began to cry and immediately said yes and grabbed chuck and gave him a big kiss.  This is our own little fair tale that we will never forget for the rest of our lives!!!

Couple #3: Megan and Jon

Of all the places to meet, we met through the power of the world wide web on I was ready to call it quits after going on 18 dates and not meeting anyone of note. Then one day Jon wrote to me. He was funny, good looking, had a good job and all of his hair. I had to give him a chance. We met at the Abbey Bar for drinks and some live music. It was a great night and we definitely connected. Unfortunately, we did not reconnect for 2 more weeks. One day, again out of the blue, I received a text asking if I was free that night. We stayed in and watched a movie. It was great to feel that relaxed with someone so soon. On that very same night, we introduced our dogs to each other and their connection was palpable. The deal was sealed. Over the coming days and weeks we were inseparable. It was as if we were meant to be together. And we have been together ever since. 3 months after the out-of-the-blue text, he surprised me with a ring on a warm and sunny Sunday morning. Now we have our future and a family to look forward to.

Couple #4: Briana and Mike

Every year for as long as I can remember my family goes to the shore in August. My parents are originally from Philadelphia and many of our family members have houses at the jersey shore for the summer. During this time all of the family tries to coordinate so we can see as many family members as possible, filling the houses with cousins, aunt, uncles, and close family friends. As life gets busier and busier, we love this time that we can all get together. So every year I look forward to August and to going to the shore. (Let me also clarify South Jersey shore… not north..not snookified). Well after a wonderful day at the beach with lots of family, we all went back to get ready to meet up for dinner, drinks and quizzo (another thing we pride ourselves on being good at as a family). While getting ready to leave, Mike was pacing and looking uncomfortable. I asked what was the matter and he said that he had a stomach ache. So I offered to stay behind and wait with him to see if he felt any better before meeting everyone for dinner. After everyone left, Mike pulled me close and thanked me for staying behind and taking care of him. He also thanked me for putting up with his shenanigans the night before – Mike had asked my dad for his permission to marry me the night before and had celebrated him saying yes with a couple too many beverages, note the reference to shenanigans). I quickly said “oh it’s ok I’m used to you” and as he gave me a big hug and reached into his pocket behind my back and said “I always wonder how long you will ……how about forever?” He then gave me the most beautiful ring. We walked along the bay smiling ear to ear to meet my family at the restaurant. We then told them about Mike faking the stomach ache and the wonderful surprise I had on my hand. It was a wonderful night and continued to be a wonderful weekend as I got to celebrate with more and more family members  as they arrived. Mike surely gave me the best surprise at my favorite place and made it both private and romantic and following it with the best people to celebrate with after.

Couple #5: Danielle and Corey

Corey and I have been engaged for seven years!  I know it seems like a very long time but trust me, it has felt like longer!  We met in October of 2002, and we fell in love with each other almost instantly.  Then came my son, Aiden, who I do admit was a bit of a surprise.  Shortly after Aiden was born, Corey proposed to me on my birthday.  It was really sweet.  He took me to our favorite restaurant which is owned and run by friends (more like family) of his.  They all witnessed his proposal and then clapped, of course, when I said yes!  Before we could even start to plan the wedding, I was pregnant again with our daughter Cadence.  Corey went back to school then right after she was born, and it seems like we have always had too many reasons to wait to get married.  It is well overdue and we have both decided that we are tired of waiting.  I finally started to plan and it feels great.  We are still so madly in love with each other, and we are both really excited about the wedding, and the commitment we will make to each other and God.

Couple #6: Alicia and Ross

Ross and I first met at the Williamsport Area High School and starting dating in February of 1998. We often found ourselves going to Rock Run to cliff jump, swim, hike, camp, etc.  In 2001, we were blessed with a gorgeous little girl, Alexis.  She has made us not only a couple, but now a family.  For 13 years now, Ross and I continue to take trips to Rock Run.  This past summer was the first Ross asked if we could take Alexis along.  We had always been afraid to take her due to the danger of rocks and steep cliffs.  I agreed that she would propbably love it as much as we did and so we packed our bags to share our love of the outdoors with her.  After hours of cliff jumping, swimming and hiking we were relaxing on the rocks and making “Indian War Paints”.  Ross was finding the rocks to make paints out of and Alexis was drawing all over my face with them.  Clearly, I had no idea what was about to happen.  I just remember Ross saying “Alicia look at these rocks I found” and I turned my head to look at his hand full of different colored rocks.  I started to turn the other way as I noticed something sparkle and quickly did a double take.  His face and mine beamed at the same time as he went down on one knee in the water.  I had never thought of Ross as a romantic, but there couldn’t have been a more perfect way to ask my hand in marriage.  At a place we’ve gone to since the 10th grade and the first time we brought Alexis with us…I said “yes”!!!!!  I cannot wait to marry my best friend.

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