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Backup, Backup, Backup!!! {Central PA Professional Photographers}

Yes, say that title as if saying “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!” Don’t ask me why, it just sounded good when I was typing 🙂  In case you didn’t understand from the title, this post will be dedicated to informing you on the importance of backing up your digital files on your computer. There are two ways you should be backing up your files (at a minimum). I’ll explain each one and show you the resources you’ll need to accomplish the safe backup of your precious memories.

Scenario One:

You have a family computer dedicated for everything from e-mail to downloading your digital pictures. One day, you go to turn it on, but nothing happens.  Your hard drive has crashed. You take it to your local computer guru only to find out that everything is GONE. Not one thing can be recovered from your damaged hard drive. This could happen for a number of reasons; a virus, a power surge, faulty equipment, overheating, or even a spilled drink on the cpu. There are times when files can be recovered from your hard drive, but it can cost thousands of dollars. In this case, having everything backed up onto an external hard drive would have saved you from the heartache (and headache) of losing all of your pictures and important documents you stored on your computer. External hard drives are relatively inexpensive and very easy to use. Many models  offer automatic backup so you don’t even have to think about it. But be aware that external hard drives can fail as well, so they should not be your only source of file backup. Which leads me on to scenario # two.

Scenario Two

Imagine this: it’s 1:00 am and your fire alarm goes off. You quickly jump out of bed and gather your family to head outside and you see flames shooting from the lower level of your home. You had no time to grab anything- no shoes, no personal belongings, and certainly not your computer hard drive which houses thousands of your pictures from the past five years. The fire fighters arrive, but nothing could be saved. A horrible scenario, I know. But IT HAPPENS. This is one of the reasons why  you should use an online backup service for your digital files and documents as well. An online service will automatically save the files you tell it to on their servers. Should a catastrophe with your hard drive occur, you can simply download all of your saved documents onto your new computer.

You can also burn your images to dvd’s, and please, please print them out (more on that in a later blog post). Here are a few hard drives you can order- they are totally affordable and worth every penny.

Lacie 1 tb external hard drive

Western Digital My Passport for a portable solution

And for your online backup-

Don’t put this off. Just do it today, because catastrophes are never planned.