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Weddings 101: Wedding Day Makeup Tips

Today’s Weddings 101 article comes from Chelsea Nolan, a professional makeup artist in Central PA. Chelsea has worked for the Dr. Phil show, HGTV, an Emmy nominated documentary, and numerous tv commercials, not to mention the many brides she works with every year.  I highly recommend hiring a professional mua for your wedding day. You want to feel and look your best, and a professional makeup artist will know what works and what doesn’t for your wedding day makeup.

Top 5 Wedding Day Makeup Tips for the Bride Using a Makeup Artist

1.  Schedule a trial- Practice makes perfect so why not take the time to meet your artist, see her work on you, and perfect the look you are going for before your special day.  If you feel like the result isn’t quite what you were expecting, schedule another trial to achieve the perfect wedding day look for you.

2.  Pictures- Bring pictures to help your artist understand the look you are going for.  Make sure to have pictures of looks you like, don’t like, and even one of yourself in your everyday makeup to show the exact look what you want to achieve compared to your everyday look.

3.  Research- Make sure your artist is a good and reputable one.  Ask to see a portfolio, what makeup lines they use, and if they don’t have some type of reviews to read, ask for a reference.  You want to make sure the person you hire is going to show up and most importantly, make you look and feel beautiful on your special day.

4.  Personal Products- Don’t be afraid to ask your artist to use some of your favorite home products.  If you have a lip color, foundation or mascara you absolutely love, why not incorporate it in your special day?

5.  Emergency Kit-  It’s always best to be prepared rather than be in a pinch on your wedding day.  Here is what I like to tell my brides to have:  Lipstick/liner/gloss(whichever you are going with), powder, mascara, and if you tend to get oily, some type of rice papers or blotting cloths to absorb the excess oil.  The other necessity is “tissue footballs”.  I know it sounds crazy, but take a tissue or two and fold them up like you used to playing paper football in school.  They are the perfect size to hide in the top of your dress, a small purse or just about anywhere (these are great for teary bridesmaids too).  Also, don’t forget to dab and blot not wipe.

Top 5 Wedding Day Tips for the Bride Doing her Own Makeup

1.  Practice & Pictures- Even though your everyday makeup looks fab, practice some different looks and techniques to help find the perfect combination for your big day.  Don’t forget to take pictures!  There is nothing worse than having a very reflective foundation or powder that makes you glow in your pictures(and not in a good way).  Take pictures to see how it photographs and to make sure your foundation is the perfect match.

2.  Waterproof- Everyone knows your wedding day is a very special and emotional time, so make sure to use waterproof mascara and liner(if liquid) to ensure you have to no black tears streaming down your face on your special day.

3.  Be Selective with Colors-  You want to look incredible your wedding day, but not like a clown.  Keep the colors you work with neutral but with a good amount of pigment to them to enhance your features but not take away from them with some wild colors.  If you wants your eyes to be more bold, go with a softer lip and vice versa.  Highlight one feature so you don’t have a competition going on within your makeup.

4.  Blend, Blend, Blend- There is nothing worse than seeing the makeup line on a woman’s jaw(especially on her wedding day).  Make sure you blend your makeup from your face to your chest until you don’t see a line anywhere.  Don’t be afraid to powder your chest and neck to help it stay put too.

5.  Emergency Kit-  Same as the kit mentioned above, but a MUST HAVE.

If you live in Central PA and are looking for a makeup artist, be sure to give Chelsea a call. Not only is she a talented artist, but amazing to work with as well! You can view her website at :

or call her at 717-343-3177.