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Best. Snowman. Ever. {Central PA Professional Photographer}

We had snow again here in Central PA yesterday, which was rather disappointing after the beautiful 60+ degree weather we had on Friday that had melted most of the snow. And of course B had a snow day (which I surprisingly look forward to as much as he does. Having felt guilty about not building a snowman with the kids yet this winter, I encouraged them to grab the snowman kit and head outside. What I didn’t know, was apparently this was not good “snowman” snow. I watched as B rolled a ball around our entire front yard, but it never seemed to grow. That didn’t stop him- I looked out a while later and burst into laughter at what I believe to be the smallest snowman ever built. He managed to stack three tiny balls of snow. And although he’s just “a little fella”, he’s my absolute favorite snowman.