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New Years Resolutions

Yes I know it is the middle of February and you would expect this post to come at the beginning of January. But I chose to wait and make this post so I could let you know whether or not I’m actually keeping my resolutions. This year is the first year I’ve ever really made resolutions that I intended to work hard at keeping. Sure there’s always the half-hearted  “I want to get in better shape” resolutions every year. But this year something changed for me. Actually, many things have changed for me, and I really feel that God has laid all of these things on my heart for a reason. You might wonder why I’m even sharing this with you now (which would be a good question considering I’ve never been too personal with my blog). That, my friend, is because one of my resolutions was to get more personal on my blog- to open up and let you know who I truly am. I feel this is vital not only to my business but also to your decision about whether or not to hire me to capture some of the most important moments of your life. Photography is a very personal thing for me- I pour so much of myself into each and every image that I take and into each client, so you should definitely get to know a little bit about me. The good, the bad, and the ugly (and of course the awesomeness…hehe) My other resolutions:

  • GET ORGANIZED!!! This is true for both my personal life and business. I’ve been taking steps every week to achieve this goal. I bought a planner for the first time in years (finding the “perfect planner” was an adventure in and of itself!) I’ve slowly been working on getting my office organized , and I’ve been taking other steps around my house to make better use of my time.
  • Network with other wedding professionals. I’ve made it my goal to connect with someone new every week, and so far I’ve been able to keep up.
  • Blog more often. I’ve started a Weddings 101 post every Monday to give brides wedding planning advice, and I’m also starting Photography 101 to give you basic advice on all things photography related. I really want this blog to serve as a great resource too all of my readers.
  • Become a Certified Professional Photographer. Although certification is not required to run a photography business, it is important to me to get certified. Especially in the saturated photography market of today (which I think will be changing as consumers become educated as to what professional photography truly is) It isn’t an easy process- you must pass a written exam and have 20 images judged by other certified professional and master photographers. It is quite a daunting task, and I’ve put it off for two years for fear of failing. I’ve decided I’m no longer going to put it off- I’m just going to go for it, and if I fail I’ll just try again. I’ve been studying every night which has been great because I have learned so much more than I ever anticipated.
  • Get healthy. I’ve developed poor eating habits, and after finding out my cholesterol is pretty high it has forced me to make much better decisions about what I eat. I love sugar, carbs, and dairy so it has been a struggle. But my heart and my hips are thanking me 🙂
  • Dedicate more time to my business. Last year I had a lot going on in my personal life, and it greatly affected my business. This year I’m focusing on gaining more clients and giving each one an amazing experience. It’s not just about the end product for me- it’s about the entire process and experience I create for each and every client that hires me.
  • Get hands on training from leading professionals in the industry. I want to learn from the best so I can be the best.
  • Use my business to make a difference in the lives of others. Whether it’s helping other business owners or donating to a charitable cause I want to use the gifts I’ve been given to create a positive influence in the world. You’ll see more about this in the weeks to come.

Those are my major resolutions, and I’m determined to make them happen. Each day I have to wake up and work at them- change doesn’t occur without effort. But all of the effort I’m exerting is making me a better mother, wife, and businesswoman.

Do you have any major resolutions or advice on how to keep your resolutions? If so, share them below in the comment section!