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Photography 101: Organizing Your Digital Files

Organization; it’s one of the top resolutions people make in the new year. In fact, it was my number one priority for my personal and business life when it came to resolutions this year. And I’m so excited because I’m making it happen! I cleaned out my e-mail inbox (from over 1500 to less than 10), I emptied a closet and made it into the “toy closet”, and I’m taking steps each day to become more organized. if I get really brave I might post a picture of my office as it is currently, and keep you updated on the progress. Buuuuuut I’m not sure if I want you all to see the current state of my office…let’s just say it’s not pretty. One are of organization that I think often gets overlooked is your computer. I know in the past I would upload pictures to the computer and just leave them in a temporary folder thinking I would come back to it later and organize the files. Well later never happened and before I knew it there were thousands of pictures cluttered on my hard drive. Now, these were personal pictures; my professional images I’ve always kept in separate folders. Don’t ask me why I didn’t follow suite with my personal images because I have no idea! Here is my suggested format for organizing your images on your hard drive.

  • First, create a folder for your images titled Family Pictures.
  • Second,  create a folder for the year (2011)
  • Third, create a folder for each month of the year. I suggest the following format: 2011-01; 2011-02; 2011-03; etc….. This way the folders will appear in chronological order
  • Fourth, in each monthly folder you can further organize with a folder for each event

For some of you this may seem obvious, but hopefully this will help at least one person out there 🙂 Next week I’ll share information on backing up your digital files. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for future “photography 101” posts please leave them in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!